Northfields (WA) Pty Ltd is committed to caring for the environment and is dedicated to providing the following:

  • A workplace with work methods that are safe and sustainable for the environment.

  • Implementation of EPA regulations associated with National, State and local authorities, as well as any customer contractual requirements associated with the environment.

  • Setting of environmental strategies for areas that may have any kind of environmental impact.

  • Ensuring our project activities do not impact outside controlled areas and that all equipment, tools and machinery are maintained and safe for the environment.

  • Minimizing the emission of polluted runoff, dust, and noise from site offices, facilities, and equipment by use of maintenance and protective measures.

  • Provision of processes for identifying environmental hazards, assessing risks and controlling environmental impacts.

  • Consultation with workers and education and involvement of workers in decisions that may affect the Environmental Management Plan.

  • Provision of information, training and supervision to all workers involved with implementing the Environmental Management Plan.

  • Rapid response to any environmental emergency situation which could cause concerns for the environment.

  • Support for Ecologically Sustainable Development on all Projects.

Northfields (WA) Pty Ltd aims to prevent problems from arising and to promote continuous improvement towards best practice in environmental management.

This environmental policy shall be made available to all staff and on request, to other organisations and the general public.

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