Nickel Matte Storage Facility upgrade

BHP Billiton Nickel West

Installation of Port Mix Road works, Spoon Drains and Soak Wells and upgrade of existing facility to allow for export of Nickel Matte.

The work that was required included an upgrade of the road between storage sheds, modification of the existing bund wall, and replacement of the pavement on the matte storage area.

Completion of this job required careful upfront planning, and resulted in Northfields being nominated for the monthly safety award at Kwinana Nickel Refinery.

One of the biggest difficulties faced during completion of this work was the shortage of bitumen and asphalt sub contractors at the time. Due to high demand for these contractors statewide, Northfields (WA) Pty Ltd had to negotiate hard to secure a commitment from any contractor to complete the required works. Coupled with this was the need to complete the job on time, so as not to cause disruption to operations at KNR. Due to the limited availability of the asphalting contractor, the earthworks and concrete work for the job also needed completion in a short time in order to be ready for the laying of the bitumen. To accommodate the asphalt sub contractor, the team from Northfields had to work outside of their normal working hours, including through the night and throughout weekends.

Successful completion of this job is testament to the ability of Northfields to adapt to challenges and to be flexible in accommodating client needs.

During the course of this job, Northfields logged a total of 1493 man hours without a single incident or injury. Despite the difficulties encountered, the team from Northfields was able to complete the job on time, whilst still adhering to site standards and maintaining their commitment to safety.

Statistics: 25 people on site including 15 sub contractors. Over 1400 hours worked with the entire job completed incident free. 2700 square metres port mix, and 1800 square metres of bitumen road poured to specifications. All Quality Assurance and Quality Control specifications in place were managed in house to ensure that standard of works provided were over and above Australian Standard.

Outcomes: Completed exactly as per customers specifications. Received a safety award nomination from the customer. Awarded additional works as a result of the standard of service and quality of work provided in this project.