Change Room Refurbishment

Agnew Gold Mine

This job involved refurbishment of the change room facilities at the Agnew Gold Mine's underground operation.

Completion of this work involved repainting, recoating of surfaces and upgrading of plumbing and electrical services to the change rooms.

There were several difficulties associated with completion of this work. One issue that had to be addressed was the fact that one change room block had to remain operational at all times during the job, in order to facilitate continuity of mining activities. This required careful co ordination and liaison with the client and with the various sub contractors employed to complete the work. In addition, due to the remote location, large amounts of materials had to be freighted from Perth to Agnew, and it was important that materials arrived on site in time for the sub contractors to be able to complete their work.

Northfields were able to accommodate extra tasks that had not been included within the original scope of works, and were still able to complete all work without incident, and one week ahead of schedule.

Outcomes: Successful completion of this job is another example of Northfields ability to complete work in a timely fashion, while still managing difficulties and maintaining a strong focus on health and safety.