Water Cooling Tower Upgrade

BHP - Kwinana WA

The Client BHP has came to Northfields looking for 2 solutions. One on how they could continue with civil construction of new cooling tower up against and under an existing operational cooling tower without shutting down the process.

Secondly how to join the 2 basins together without the requirement to dewater the original water-cooling tower basin, both keeping the process fully operational.

Solution 1: Northfields raised the possibility of supporting the live main header pipe attached to 5 large pumps, using RMD Megashore supporting and spanning over the newly proposed basin. This allowed Northfields to excavate under the header pipe to a depth of 3.5lm which was originally vertically propped at 2m, Northfields then proceeded to install a new basin, beams and Columns and back supported onto a new basin structure.

Solution 2: To eliminate the operational cooling tower basin from being fully dewatered and shutting down, Northfields marked and pre-cutting the dividing wall between the 2 basins to a depth of 50mm as a guide, Then fill the new basin up to the required level and engaged and supervised commercial divers to continue with underwater demolition, removing 4 x openings to allow the 2 basin's to become one.

Outcomes: These 2 simple, but involved solutions raised by Northfields, allowed the continuation of normal mine site operations and delivery of a successful project stage ready for the next Team..