Powerhouse Cladding (Gruyere Gold Project)

Gold Road

Northfields was contracted to reclad the two powerhouses at the Gruyere Gold Project.

Due to the remoteness of the mine (180km up the great central road), a strict schedule and plan had to be organized to ensure all materials and staff were available and able to perform the works in line with the operational requirements of the mine.

Project considerations

  • Remote location
  • No local suppliers available
  • Daylight transport restrictions
  • Lack of accommodation
  • Unestablished site
  • No mobile coverage
  • No established contractors or equipment available
  • Four contractors working in same location at once

We worked with the other contractors in the area to ensure that there were no delays to any part of the refurbishments. This included mobilizing and demobilizing as requested to ensure we made room in accommodation for the other contractors. Despite all the complications of working on such a remote and unestablished site, we were able to complete the cladding on budget and within the schedule set out by the customer.