Winder Roof Replacement

Leinster Nickel Operation - WA

In this project the roof of the building housing the Winder machinery had deteriorated over time and required replacement. Because of the buildings contents and the fact it needed to remain operational in order to keep the mine operating, there were many additional aspects of the job that needed to be considered in order to ensure not only was this particular aspect of the work done safely and on schedule, but that it didn't affect any other parts of the mines operations.

Project considerations

  • Working at heights (15m)
  • Winder cables running whilst working
  • Scheduling work in line with electrical shutdowns
  • Transformers and motors running below works
  • Preventing dropped items
  • Unable to leave roof open
  • Unable to walk on roof due to deterioration
  • Very long roofing panels requiring special handline
  • High winds and mini tornados (willy willies) common in the area

During the planning and execution of the works we risk managed all the job considerations in a manner that ensured the job was able to be executed without affecting the mines operations. We worked in sections to ensure that the rood was never left open and water damage wouldn't be an issue. We also used a specialized jig to work with the extra-long roofing panels to prevent them from bending. Our high level of safety planning was integral in ensuring there was no risk involved because of the deterioration of the roof, weather or working near the transformers, motors and winding cables.